What is Core-Based Training?

Unlike other strength training regimens traditionally designed for athletes, Pilates-based core training focuses on proper sequences of muscle use, thereby improving balance and alignment. Pilates helps develop core strength, increase flexibility, assist with injury rehabilitation, and creates balance throughout the entire body. The benefits are endless.

Athletes can withstand rigorous training regimes and ultimately improve their golf drive or baseball pitch, and prevent or recover from injury. From the NHL to NFL and pro golf circuit, elite athletes are turning to Pilates-based core training to improve their game.

SBT's unique approach to athletic conditioning incorporates Pilates-based core training as a vital component of any holistic training program for athletes because it focuses on the deeper muscle groups, or local stabilizers. These are key when controlling joint movement and sustaining the stability of the joints that can often be damaged through repetitive and high-demand training. As well, the physical awareness that the athlete gains through a strong Pilates-based core training program can aid in their movement control enabling them to increase their level of performance.

Pilates works on developing kinesthetic awareness of the body, or where it is in relationship to itself, and the world around it. It also focuses on good postural alignment which will help an individual perform a movement efficiently, thus reducing the amount of unnecessary strain on the muscles and joints. Specific strengthening exercises will also help to balance the muscles around a joint and balance pairs of muscles that support the joints.

Pilates also focuses on finding as much symmetry as possible in the athletic body. Most sports focus on one side or movement in a specific plane of motion. Throwing and shooting sports will often have a dominant side, while sports like running or triathlon focus mostly on movement in the sagittal plane. Pilates-based core training helps to strengthen and find stability in all planes of motion as well as an equal balance on both sides of the body, therefore greatly improving an athlete's ability to efficiently perform sustained and repetitive high-intensity exercise.

"Sally Belanger is an outstanding teacher. She has a very keen eye and pays incredible attention to detail. Sally is able to adapt the general principles of Pilates to the specific needs of each individual athlete. She is passionate about what she does and her clients love her for it! Whenever I send a client to Sally I know that they are in great hands and she always delivers the results I am looking for."

- Matt Nichol,
Strength & Conditioning Coach