Professional Services

Athletic Conditioning

Develops highly customized core training programs specific for professional athletes across a variety of sport disciplines. Sally comes highly recommended among top-tier strength and conditioning coaches around the world and is no stranger to working with elite athletes and celebrities. Current clients include athletes from the NHL, AHL, NCAA, USA Hockey, and Tennis Canada. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.


Produces confidential, collaborative, and tailored core training programs in conjunction with clients' personal care teams (Chiro, Physio, Sports Med, etc.). Sally understands the importance of each client's unique physical situation and appropriately applies her knowledge to each proprietary program by working closely with experts in the health and medical fields.

High Performance Programs

Works with and trains serious "weekend warrior" athletes looking to enhance their performance through targeted core training programs. Currently developing exclusive short and long-term training programs for a diverse group of athletes including 10km and marathon runners, golfers, triathletes and road cyclists.


Provides qualified consultation and education in the areas of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Movement Analysis. Clients typically include individuals and small groups in a classroom setting. Sally is an expert at leading and delivering key workshops for staff at boutique fitness studios as well as mainstream gyms. She has presented at various fitness industry events, tradeshows and international conferences in Canada, Asia, Australia, Germany, and across the United States.

"I first began seeing Sally just weeks after the birth of my second child. Her vast knowledge and her innovative ability helped me connect with my body in a way that I have never been able to. She taught me how to reactivate my pelvic floor and core and before long I was training for my first half marathon pain free, despite a history of knee surgery and low back pain. Not only did Sally teach me how to correctly activate my muscles but she also improved my performance and helped me overcome past injuries."

- Pam Mazzuca,
Canadian Living Magazine Fitness Expert, Lolë clothing Ambassador