About Us

Sally Belanger Training (SBT) was founded in 2010 by former STOTT PILATESĀ® Master Instructor Trainer Sally Belanger. Throughout her career, Sally has garnered a reputation in the industry as an authority on sport specific movement mechanics and core training. The foundation of Sally's unique knowledge base is grounded in the science of anatomy, biomechanics and movement analysis - and in turn she has developed a regular roster of clients all over the world.

Sally has worked with athletes of all levels for more than a decade. She has seen the demand for quality professionals in the fitness and health fields increase dramatically over the last few years, as general awareness of more sophisticated mind-body fitness has made its way into the realm of sport-specific conditioning. Sally is also known for her ability to skillfully train "every day clients" looking to improve their overall strength and core stability through sport-specific core training exercises.

Sally is a former member of the Canadian Exercise Physiology Board and has a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Queen's University. She has taught biomechanics, exercise physiology and anatomy, and presents at numerous industry trade shows and conferences globally including: IDEA World Fitness Convention, FIBO, Canfitpro, the annual ACE Personal Trainer Conference, and others.

As a recognized and highly sought-after core training, pilates and movement specialist working out of Toronto-based Link Advanced Movement Mechanics, Sally continues to work closely with select athletic trainers, physiotherapists and chiropractors whose clientele include professional and up-and-coming athletes as well clients of all kinds seeking rehabilitative and performance training.

"I came to Sally 3 seasons ago with a groin injury. Sally has retrained my muscle firing patterns in a way I never thought possible. I'm proud to say my core is stronger than ever before, my hip is stronger now than before my injury, and my muscle firing patterns have been completely retrained to fire properly. Sally has the ability to adapt on the spot to my body's needs and is always upbeat in our workouts. I don't go to Sally to do "Pilates" I go to sally to compliment my strength and conditioning workouts and on ice workouts. I consider Sally my core coach, and without this component to my training it would be incomplete."

- Andy Chiodo,
Professional Hockey Goaltender